Policy Agenda

Celebrating this pivotal moment, we hear the clarion call to action. Our policy platform isn’t just a visionary document; it stands as a solemn promise to the people of Cambridge. It’s a resolute commitment, an unshakable dedication to take on our most formidable challenges, all while making racial, economic, and climate justice the bedrock of our endeavors. Together, we’re forging a future where justice and progress reign supreme.

we all know living in Cambridge is expensive and we have a housing crisis. If elected, I will dedicate a major chunk of my efforts in creating more affordable housing, providing more tenant protection, and actively engaging landlords in decision-making processes.

As a physician with additional training and education in public health as well as health policy, I think it is likely assumed that I will always make sure Cambridge is healthy and sustainable, and I would say that is absolutely the right assumption. Making sure all of us, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, and socioeconomic status, are safe and healthy, both physically and mentally, will definitely be one of my main goals.

I vow to do everything in my power to minimize and hopefully eliminate exclusionary zoning in Cambridge.

Education was the path for me to achieve my American dream. I believe high-quality education and the resources to complete high-quality education should be available to all, but especially students from lower socioeconomic class.

Reducing carbon footprint will be one of my top priorities if elected. We can and should make Cambridge greener. This is not easy, but with measured and creative planning, we can improve tree canopy while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.