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I was born and raised in Taiwan. I came to the States when I was 12, along with my mother and younger brother, while my father stayed back in Taiwan to work in order to provide for us. I went through middle school, high school, college, and obtained a master’s degree in biology all in Southern California. Thereafter, I graduated from medical school and went through a combined Internal Medicine-Pediatrics residency program in Northeast Ohio. 

Policy Agenda

Celebrating this pivotal moment, we hear the clarion call to action. Our policy platform isn’t just a visionary document; it stands as a solemn promise to the people of Cambridge. It’s a resolute commitment, an unshakable dedication to take on our most formidable challenges, all while making racial, economic, and climate justice the bedrock of our endeavors. Together, we’re forging a future where justice and progress reign supreme.

we all know living in Cambridge is expensive and we have a housing crisis. If elected, I will dedicate a major chunk of my efforts in creating more affordable housing, providing more tenant protection, and actively engaging landlords in decision-making processes.

As a physician with additional training and education in public health as well as health policy, I think it is likely assumed that I will always make sure Cambridge is healthy and sustainable, and I would say that is absolutely the right assumption. If elected, I would like to expand mental health outreach and access to high-quality health care to more people, especially kids, teens, youth, adolescents, young adults, older folks, and folks from lower socioeconomic class.

I vow to do everything in my power to minimize and hopefully eliminate exclusionary zoning in Cambridge.

Education was the path for me to achieve my American dream. I believe high-quality education and the resources to complete high-quality education should be available to all, but especially students from lower socioeconomic class.

Reducing carbon footprint will be one of my top priorities if elected. We can and should make Cambridge greener. This is not easy, but with measured and creative planning, we can improve tree canopy while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

I bike at least 5 miles every day and I support building safe bike lanes throughout Cambridge. Having said that, I am going to spend a few sentences to make my stance clear because I think this is the right and responsible thing to do. Initially, I was going to sign the pledge to Cambridge Bicycle Safety because I met with a few of them, had a great conversation, and thought they were all generally wonderful, sincere, logical, smart, genuine, and reasonable Cambridgians who cared deeply about our City. This is not to say folks who oppose bike lanes or bike lane building at a certain point or certain time or for whatever reason do not care about our city because I have also interacted with a lot of them and that is simply not true. I guess Cambridge is somewhat like America at this time, sort of divided, sort of polarized.    

So, I looked at the pledge and I did not think I could responsibly sign it because of two sentences (I supported all other sentences). The two sentences that bothered me were “I will not vote for any proposal that weakens the ordinance or delays its timelines” and “I will not vote for any proposal that delays protected bike lanes on Mass Ave beyond the timeline of the rest of the ordinance.” I did not agree with these two sentences because what if, only what if, there were another crisis like COVID in 2024 or 2025? Even though I actively bike and I bike at least 5 miles every day, I would not be able to conscientiously continue building protected bike lanes if our City had another more urgent need. I know what everyone believes in as “more urgent” is debatable, and I urge you to get me elected so we can continue to debate!  

Now, instead of just not signing the pledge, I communicated with Cambridge Bicycle Safety and expressed my concerns. I think communication and perhaps more importantly, having an open mind are really key in today’s America, but let me get off my soapbox. I discussed my concerns with Cambridge Bicycle Safety and I was reassured that there were clauses not explicitly stated in the pledge that would provide some flexibilities. Although I do not hope Cambridge to have another crisis like COVID in 2024 and 2025, and although I do not plan to delay building protected bike lanes unnecessarily, in case something like a COVID crisis were to happen, I will ask our City Manager to delay building protected bike lanes in order to get us through the crisis more efficiently and smoothly.   

In reaching the decision about whether to sign the pledge or not, I have come to the realization that it is impossible to make everyone happy and I definitely understand I cannot get everyone’s vote, which means I just have to do what I believe is the right thing for Cambridge. Therefore, after incorporating every element available to me, including reading the pledge for at least 30 times (I am emphasizing this because, not to brag, but I and the physicians I know generally do not read something more than 30 times; not only do I now believe every sentence within the pledge is  reasonable, I would like to specifically highlight the key words “connecting stakeholders to ensure a positive outcome for all in our community” within this pledge as I believe together, Cambridge will go farther), I have made a firm decision to move forward in pledging the following:   

I support rapid implementation of the citywide network of protected bicycle lanes as mandated by the Cycling Safety Ordinance.

I pledge to do everything in my power to ensure the successful implementation of the ordinance, including voting in the City Council, advocating in the public realm, and connecting stakeholders to ensure a positive outcome for all in our community.

I will not vote for any proposal that weakens the ordinance or delays its timelines. Mass Ave is the most important street in Cambridge and needs protected bike lanes as soon as possible. I will not vote for any proposal that delays protected bike lanes on Mass Ave beyond the timeline of the rest of the ordinance. This should be done in a way that supports transit, improves pedestrian safety, protects the tree canopy, and enhances the business environment.